Esprique Dual Concealer UV 02 Natural

9 Mar 2012

I know its been a while since I last blogged. I've had some nice new surprises along the way so I've been taking time off and have been taking more time focusing on other things in my life. Makeup and Life would still continue, I will do my best to update whenever possible and thank you so much for the support so far, addressing to the wonderful  regular readers, you know who you are =D

Esprique dual concealer UV

So I bought this dual concealer sometime before Christmas, it was released for Fall 2011 called Esprique dual concealer UV in shade 02 Natural. A two tone concealer to help conceal imperfections and minor blemishes.

Esprique eye brush

One side has a small dome shaped sponge applicator, very useful to apply concealer around the sides of the nose, the other side has a soft bristle brush for other areas of the face.

Kose Esprique dual concealer UV natural

The texture is very fine, not too creamy.  I have used a creamier concealer from other brands in the past but this goes on smooth upon application. Theres a light tone and a darker tone available, the darkest tone compliments my skin tone a lot more so the lighter tone has been left mainly unused. The colors do appear slightly darker than the swatches but I haven't experienced any oxidizing and they remain set for a long period of time with a additional setting of a loose powder.

Esprique dual concealer makeup up swatch

The SPF30 PA+++ has a generous amount of sun protection,   I feel that the concealer is more targeted to cover minor blemishes and veins/scars on the face as opposed  to be used as a under eye concealer, the Lunasol under eye concealer were more suitable in my case to treat those panda looking eyes.

So far I'm pleased with using this concealer, reliable with a long lasting finish.



Eva said...

This looks like such a great product! I've tried Esprique products when they used to be called Esprique Precious. I should really try out their newer items.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love creamy concealers :) This look looks to be no exception. Come back soon!

L e n a said...

yay, you are back!
good to see your post again, Lisa :)
i agree that this concealer is more suitable for blemishes. the sunscreen agent would help the redness to go away faster, i believe. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,
May i know where did u buy the Esprique Concealer?

lisa li said...



You could try Adambeauty or Gooddealer online for this product.

Hope that helps :)


sugar sugar said...

will always visit and support your blog dear. :) do you like this more than becca's concealer? i think i saw you review that too and i've been saving to buy it.

lisa li said...


Thank you for your sweet comment.

I don't remember reviewing the Becca concealer, do you have a link by any chance?


Beauty Box said...

I have been wondering about this particular concealer. I always assumed one wouldn't be able find a good concealer in Japanese thanks for the review and I would go swatch this and see how it looks on me.

madie said...

nice to see u back, lisa! always enjoy ur reviews!

PinkOrchids said...

This looks excellent, i've been looking for something like this! Thanks for sharing!

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