Esprique Mellow Forming Rouge (glow) PK811 BE310

13 Aug 2011

Esprique has released some exciting products for Fall 2011 and I've been more than tempted  to trying the two new lip products called Esprique Mellow forming rouge(glow), color PK811 and BE310. There's also another (Mellow forming rouge) but a (color) version. Both provide a different finish but both versions has a moisturising formula to prevent the lips from drying out.

Esprique Mellow forming rouge lipstick glow

 I've been a little too quick handed in to buying the (glow) one actually, guess I wasn't aware of the finish choices that were available at the time, the glow version provides a sheer glow finish and the color version provides a rich colored finish. I don't feel too bad now because these turned out to be rather nice too.

Esprique mellow forming rouge PK811 BE310

Design of the lipstick are not like the traditional lipstick design, it reminds me of an liquid eyeliner pen with the twisting mechanism at the bottom. It does take a while to twist for the lipstick to go up but I guess that helps to limit the amount of product to be used. I think more lipsticks are coming out in this form now, it looks much more sophisticated in my opinion.

Esprique mellow forming rouge lipsick swatch makeup

 The lipsticks has a very moisturising formula, the texture is rather creamy, very soft! I was expecting a more sheer coverage too but  the color's are not as opague than the Esprique description suggest (sheer gow finish). I very much like both the formula and the coverage but my only doubts would be whether I'd be using them up too quickly as the layer gets used up so easily.

Esprique Mellow forming rouge (glow)  BE310 - a beige tone lip color with fine shimmers.

Esprique forming rouge lipstick BE310

Esprique mellow rouge lip swatch BE310

The formula is non sticky and very lightweight and creamy.

Esprique Mellow forming rouge (glow) PK811 - a pink tone lip color with fine shimmers.

Esprique mellow forming rouge lipstick PK811

Esprique mellow rouge PK811 lip swatch

Both colors has been my favourite, I drank tea wearing it and the color had stayed put on the lips for quite some time, rather impressive.  The lipsticks has a glossy finish to them but they certainly last longer on the lips than lip glosses for sure.

Love it and certainly keep within my Japanese cosmetics collection! Now I'm intrigued as to what the (color) version would perform like. We shall see ^__^



Lina Kim ♥ said...

BE310 looks great on you. I love it ^^

sugar sugar said...

i've never tried any esprique lipsticks. the swatches look so moist! :) and the colors are gorgeous!

peonyinlove said...

Really lovely shades you got there. I'm so tempted to getting new lippies too. But don't know which shades are suitable for me. I simply can't decide.

Jamilla Camel said...

I love both!

Light Love said...

Super glossy! <3

Miss Kei Kei said...

These remind me of Dior Serum Rouges which I adore. I want! I love a good nude and pink. Both look perfect on you. x

ning * star said...

it looks like gloss, wow.... very nice color too <3

Jess said...

I wanted to pick up one of two of these lippies too! Both the beige and the pink look super pretty on your lips, Lisa! <3

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

I've got 422 and it's gorgeous! It's soooo moisturizing...don't even need lip balm.

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