Candy Doll Mineral face powder

10 Jul 2010

Candy doll mineral face powder. A mineral face powder containg 100% natural mineral ingredients. Candy doll makeup line produced by the Beautiful model Tsubasa Masuwaka (Also the face of Dollywink). If you are a Dolly Wink fan like myself, Candy Doll items are great to try out if you haven't already. The face powder has been seen in most of the japanese magazines, the range is also very popular across asia. The powder covers rosacea, acne and scarring. Offering a long lasting flawless finish to the skin and virtually waterproof.

Candy Doll mineral face powder

Koji Dolly wink. Candy Doll. Both have cute packaging designs.

Koji Dolly wink makeup
                                                                                                        * Source from Koji website*
Candy doll makeup

The powder are very fine, soft and finely milled to perfection.  I would describe this powder as a semi - matt finish without the shimmer. If you are looking for a powder to achieve glowing skin, I wouldn't recommend this to you as this is fairly matt finish. I haven't noticed any white overcast on my face  from using this which is a bonus for me as some powders do leave me looking rather 'pale' like. I only detest face powders leave me looking like I am ill or something and secondly, it's not very attractive at all either  ^^ .

Close up swatch of powder - The color is very natural and blends in to the skin really well.

 My face felt incredibly smooth and silky from wearing this,  I have not had any skin irritation  from using this either. I guess being 100% natural mineral, it is more kinder to the skin. Some people  prefer to use this alone instead of foundation but  I feel there isn't enough coverage for my slight pigmented skin  around my cheeks area so I prefer to use on top of my foundation makeup. I think the coverage is abit better than ordinary loose powders as the coverage are bit thicker  but I do think I could also achieve same finish as with using my regular Shu uemura loose powder on top of my foundation (with or without foundation)

I did two swatches for you. First swatch without blending, Second swatch with the blending.

I still enjoy using this powder, although it doesn't give me the amount of coverage as much as I would have liked , I use this from time to time and switch using the Mac sheer loose powder or  Shu uemura. I think it would be great for those of you with naturally perfect skin (blemish/pigmentation free) or for thoses of you that prefers to wear naturally light makeup.

For more Candy doll reviews and makeup. Visit  A little bit of Eki

I have also added a new link for Candy doll latest updates at the bottom of the sidebar. They have released some new yummy glosses coming out soon. Go check them out if you are interested.

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greystrawberrys said...

Shame that the powder hasn't got great coverage, however the packaging is soo beautiful and pretty!! <3


K /BihadaDiaries said...

Thanks for the review! Too bad it didn't live up to your expectations!

I think I just hit a glitch. As you can see, I can comment fine :D

Shanghainesedumpling said...

Thanks for the review :) It's good to know about the coverage part cos when I look for a M P I always look out for it's coverage :)


aww. i wanna buy a Condy Doll...

ning * star said...

thanks for the sub too :)
u have really nice and girlie blog too! I do think DOlly wink is a good product and cant wait for this to release in Malaysia.... yay yay...
I'm now reading your previous posts... interesting!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for dropping by to say hi :D Hope you have a great week ahead!
Great review! The packaging does look cute but I would prefer it with a better coverage :)

Slowbrogal said...

Another Koji Product!! Wonder if this available in M'sia a not..

Lisa ♔ said...


Not too sure with the Malasia release but you could try buying them online too. there are several places selling Candy doll online.

Thank you for stopping by ^.^

Hope this helps =)

Amy said...

Your blog is adorable!! Love it ^^ Xxx

MiuMiu said...

the more I see the candy doll products, the more i want them! esp the lashes
the editing was really easy hehe i'm sure you'll get it with a bit of patience =D
i think i'll just go back to useing half lashes... easier than the full strips and less frustrating than the individual hehe

GiveMeFashionNow said...

love this post!

you should enter my giveaway!!

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