Bumble & Bumble all-style blow dry

3 Feb 2015

Hello ladies, I know it's been a while since I last posted. I hope your new year has been a good start for you. Here is a review on the Bumble & bumble all style blow dry.

My last ever used hair styling product was the Bumble & Bumble de-frizz, it was a rather good product actually, a serum based hair product. I felt I needed a change and this BB all style blow dry is the latest product so I thought I 'd give it a good try. A wonder creme for oomph. shine and swoosh.

So this is designed to use on healthy fine and even oil prone hair. It fights frizz, protect against heat damage and also has (invisible) microfine oil-absorbing powders to extend the life of your blow dry right from the start.

It has a really nice subtle fresh floral scent which doesn't last on your hair but I do prefer it that way since I dislike anything too strong or that could over power my personal scent that I wear.

After using the product, my hair felt soft and shiny, It has also tamed down those unwanted frizz too. The silky light weight creme has a non greasy residue to the hair. The finish of my hair has a really clean, light and airy feel to it.

A wonderful product.


Smashbox Liquid Halo HD foundation

29 Dec 2013

 I wanted to try something new for a change and at the time, a promotion with Smashbox at the Boots store came up for a FREE bottle of their new Smashbox Halo HD foundation, so I thought I'd give it a try.

They had limited stock so it was a first come first served basis ( I got there too early and had only being turned away and was told to come back a little while later) I couldn't have gone back since I was too busy later in the day anyway.

A little while later, the lady from Smashbox on Twitter contacted me and offered to send me a Free bottle to try, I was so happy!

This liquid light technology is really easy to apply, I choose the shade #4, I think I'm in between shades (#3 and #4), this actually looks darker and goes on a tad darker but once it settles down for a while, it actually blends in with my own skin tone - it's like magic!

The details says it gives a sheer to medium coverage, this foundation is buildable; for me, it's a border line between light - light/med coverage. It gives a really nice natural looking glow to my face, it looks soft and smooth, very natural.

A sweat and humidity resistant, it has lasted on me during the day to later in the evening. I tend to skip my loose powder application on top since I feel that wearing the foundation alone gives an efficient finish; using the powder has a mattifying effect on top which I did't like.

 An added bonus is the SPF15, some other foundations with a similar finish does not offer SPF protection at all so I'm glad this has it.

So very surprised with this one, it has become one of my favourite foundation actually. I wear this occassionally now and I get compliments on how great my skin looks.

 A definite keep!

Do you wear this foundation? What do you think of it? Please let me know.

Lisa x

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